On Feb 13, 2011, at the New Life Lutheran Church in Sarasota Florida, the most Reverend William Stehr gave his weekly sermon to his assembled flock. 

And on this day, Pastor Stehr chose to preach of Christian Love and Redemption with our own

General Charley as the Centerpiece of the Sermon!

Yeah, you heard that right,  the story of General Charley has now transcended the Race Track and made its way to the Pulpit!  Hold on to your hats as this story is most spectacular.

As most of your know, my Mom lives in Sarasota Florida and is of course actively involved in her Church.   (Picture right is my Mom with Charley, taken outside his stall at Arlington Park.)  And as most of your know, Mom has been caught up - just like the rest of us Rabbits - with the tremendous excitement Charley has given us - the highlight of which was our spectacular summer of 2010 where he was crowned Arlington Park Meet Champion. 

Also, as most of you know, she and many members of her Church have been very excited about following Charley and have turned out en mass to support him as he competes at Tampa Bay Downs this winter.

So, as you can hear, Pastor Stehr is preaching.  Sit back, and enjoy the wonderful oration from Pastor Stehr.


Pastor Stehr, thank you so much for this. 

Thank you for your blessed Work and Teaching us of God's love for us all!

Please visit the New Life Lutheran Church Website by clicking here.