Celebrating an unbelieveable year at the Racetrack it was time for the

4th Annual Red Rabbit Racing Awards Dinner!

Hosted at the Gallo home, a whopping 24 guests were overjoyed at being invited to this top event on the racing calendar.   Surprise Special Guests were also on hand, headed up by Rudy & Virginia Tarra, breeders/owners of the current and future Illinois Horse Of The Year - Giant Oak.  

Other 1st time attendees included legendary trainer Mickey Goldfine, Eddie Perez' agent Tom Morgan and also Mother Thrun who stayed over an extra day to participate in the festivities.  Sadly, Trainer Neil Pessin disapppointed at the last minute and was unwilling to come North for the event. He was missed.  Invitation to the event is shown to the left.  Picture just below right is of RRR Prime Jockey Eddie Perez posing with each of the investing partners holding up 6 fingers signifying our 6 wins on the year.

The evening began with Cocktails, Pessinators & race chatter when, a whopping 6 minutes behind schedule, we moved into the dining area for dinner.  Jean Rabbit laid on a prime feast catered from some place in Barrington that included a salad ruined by too much Blue Cheese, tasty Chicken Parm, spicy Italian Beef, all accompanied by scrumptious side vegetables. Due to the size of the crowd, 3 tables were employed to house the entire group.

A rousing session of Red Rabbit Racing Jeopardy was abandoned as the agenda was chock full of too many events.   So with Steve serving as a rather weak Master of Ceremonies we swung right into the Keynote Speech, which is always given by RRR Orator Jeff Rabbit - who whipped the crowd into a wild frenzy with his remarks.  Jeff's speech can be viewed by clicking on the 'Play' button on the video below right.

Following Jeff's remarks, we  moved to the awarding of this years Red Rabbit Racing awards, all themed around the fact that General Charley was the Arlington Park Meet Champion in wins with 5 over the summer and 6 total year to date.  A record number of Awards were issued - 14.  These awards took the form of customized pictures of key events over our spectatcular summer and can be viewed immediately below.

Each award winner was encouraged to give a short acceptance speech and all were notable except sister Laurie who disliked her Award and gave a rather dull speech.

All of these activities led to the climax of the evening when the 2010 Red Rabbit Highlight Video was premiered.  At over 25 minutes it is long, but everyone agreed it went by in the flashest of flashes. 

2010 Red Rabbit Racing's Year In Review Video At Bottom Of Page

Finally at the conclusion of the event, parting gifts were issued to the attendees.  These lively keepsakes were a Red Rabbit Racing calendar for 2011, and a stainless steel Travel Mug emblazoned with our Red Rabbit Racing Logo.

Thanks to all who made the night the Crowning success that it was.   Picture below is of the entire group. 

Looks like they had fun wouldn't you say?

2010 Red Rabbit Racing Year In Review