In yet another display of equine heart and courage, General Charley

'Shoulders' The Load!

On a moonlit November 19th our hero was entered in the 5th race at lovely Hawthorne Race Course.  The race was an $18,000 claimer at an even mile on the turf.   The General lined up against 8 other opponents and under Eddie Perez' great ride was never headed and WON!  

Race Replay Is At the bottom Of the page!

Breaking out of the 4 hole, Eddie cut him right over to the rail and got a firm grip on our boy.  Setting some wicked fractions, Charley held sway until they hit the top of the lane when Eddie cut him loose.   He widened his lead to 4 lengths and midway down the stretch - we knew the race was ours!   

That is a great feeling knowing that you won with still a furlong left to go!  And how about this - The final time was only 1 second off the TRACK RECORD for a mile. 

Picture upper left is our hero deep down the lane with Eddie looking back to make sure noboby's going to nip us on the wire.  But when you're running a second off the track record there won't be anyone there - and there wasn't.

Now here's the bad news. 

Kathy Rabbit, wife of Rick Rabbit had the gall to schedule outpatient shoulder surgery directly on Raceday to have a couple of nasty bone spurs blasted away.   Well, the doctor lolly gagged his way through the operation and delivered Kathy Rabbit to the Recovery Room WAY AFTER he was supposed to.  Then Kathy Rabbit pisses me off by willing her blood pressure to stay WAY LOW extending the Recovery Room time another 2 hours longer than scheduled.   

Here I am watching the clock, biting every fingernail I have, trying to figure out how I can dump her off at the house without the prescriptions filled (tuck and roll Kathy!), and race over to the track to see old Charley go to work. 

But there's no way I can get her home and still make Hawthorne.   I brazenly suggest a taxi, explaining that the cabbie could stretch her out in the back seat with her bum wing up in the air - but selfish Princess Kathy's having none of that. Apparently she was in a bit of pain, the baby, and she rudely hissed at me that I had to take her home!

So I Have To Miss The Damn Race!


Even More Bad News.....

Sr. Partner and Founder Peggy Rabbit, is hopelessly stalled in traffic on Interstate 55 trying to claw her way North to see Charley.  But she's still in Grundy County at Post Time  - so she misses the race too!

Partner and Chief Dreamer Jeff Rabbit - has work coming out his ears - so he misses the race too!

Irritating Silent Partner Laurie Gregorio, whisks herself over to the Arlington OTB, because she can't be BOTHERED to make the trip down to dismal Hawthorne and announces to some young stallions at the OTB that she owns General Charley and they better bet on him. 

They look at her like she's a real racing player and on her say so bet $300 big ones on our Hero's nose and clean up at almost 5-1!  Then Laurie waltzes out of there  - even though the bucks are begging her to stay - as they yell to the crowd at the OTB "SHE OWNS GENERAL CHARLEY!" Can you believe it?  My ass she owns The General!

Last note on this race day....

I go to Hawthorne on Raceday +1 to pick up the pictures from the track photographers.   They are the same outfit who shoot Arlington's official photos as well.   The chief photographer says 'What Happened?   I have never seen less than 50 people in a Red Rabbit Racing Winner's Photo!"   I was too tired to tell her of all the mishaps on Raceday but meekly said...

"That will never happen again!"

Video Of Post Parade & Pre-Race. Listen To Comments Where announcer talks about Charley in the history of horse racing!

Offical race video