Red Rabbit Racing

Overjoyed to announce that Aly Gray has this June


in that most exclusive of thoroughbred Horse Racing Partnerships, Red Rabbit Racing!

Thats right, following her cousin Ben, Aly along with her parents has invested in this venture, and like every other fool who has put in money - are prepared to lose it all. Aly is a beautiful, accomplished equestrian who is a Special Education teacher. She has followed RRR since our inception showing up at every breeze, vet exam, shedrow walk, Awards dinner that we have had.

It is only fitting that she joins the partnership and we are thrilled that she has.



Press Release Issued October 7, 2012

Rabbit Kingdom,

As we finally have a new horse in the barn, we can now confirm as TRUE a widely circulated rumour that Red Rabbit Racing has joyfully accepted yet another new partner! Alas, this is not any old partner we have taken on, for in fact SHE is a great granddaughter of the Red Rabbit himself.

As all females that have descended through the Johnson line, she is endowed with unspeakable beauty, breathtaking intellect and a grace beyond her years.

Accordingly, it is my pleasure to announce that Aly Gray, daughter of Randy & Barb (Johnson) Gray, has become Red Rabbit Racing’s newest Partner. She joins the Minority Partner ranks alongside her cousin Ben Johnson, her Aunt Nancy, and her Aunt Bossy – err sorry Aunt Laurie. For obvious reasons once you glim the picture below, she has been bestowed the name Babe Rabbit, and will now be the FACE of Red Rabbit Racing in all media endeavors going forward.

Aly, 22, graduated from Illinois State University in May of 2012. She is a Special Education Teacher and an Olympic Class Equestrian. She is the kind of young adult who gives you hope for the future. Like her Grandmother, Joycie Totten Reuhrdanz Johnson Polk, she is loved by all she meets. Aly has been an active participant in all of Red Rabbit Racings happenings from day one. We are overjoyed at her participation in this endeavor.

Special thanks go to her parents Barb (Johnson) Gray and Randy Gray for helping Babe Rabbit take this big step in her life. To those who may be unaware, Barb was sired by noted stallion Russell Charles Johnson out of the mare Joyce Johnson by Walter Reuhrdanz.

Randy, as all spouses who marry into the Johnson family, hit the lotto without buying a ticket when Barb agreed to marry him. However, I will say a kind word about Randy, who unlike my own Brother in Laws does appear to have some use, while not overly irritating to deal with. Well done Randy Gray – so far.

And now, our ownership team is fully in place (until we need more funds) & we look forward to our next Raceday, planned to be on October 27, 2012, at Keeneland Race Course in Lexington KY., where Workin For Hops will debut in the red white & blue silks of that exceptional family race horse partnership, Red Rabbit Racing.