Red Rabbit Racing

In his first Financial Decision since graduating College,


To his Mother's undying horror, Ben has decided to become a minority partner in Red Rabbit Racing. Video below is of Money Rabbit (Jean Gallo) accepting the check from Ben (now known as Teacher Rabbit).

Adjacent the video is the e-mail that went out to all Rabbit Watchers Worldwide announcing Ben's great move.....


With great joy I announce that Benjamin Russell Johnson has this day presented Red Rabbit Racing with a check in the amount of $2,500.00 for the sole purpose of becoming a Minority Partner in Red Rabbit Racing.

This investment is the first financial decision he has made since obtaining a full time teaching position of First Grade students at Schaumburg’s Dirksen Primary School. As his father, I can’t tell you how overjoyed I am that his first move after he got a job was to invest in a Thoroughbred Horse Racing Partnership. My boy is a Johnson, through and through.

Quoting Ben as he handed me his certified check, “Dad, your dream is now my Dream. I will make sure that Red Rabbit Racing goes on well after all the original investors are in the sod”

I had a lump in my throat hearing Ben’s promise.

He now joins alongside his Aunt Laurie and Aunt Nancy as a Minority partner in this epic Racing Enterprise. In fact I am also glad to announce that I will increase his investment to $2501.00 which will make him the Senior Minority Partner over Aunt Laurie and Aunt Nancy - which will further irritate Aunt Laurie as her status within the partnership will further diminish.

Ben has expressed an interest in Directing Red Rabbit Racing’s Breeding Operations (of which we have none).

So, Rabbits around the world, please join me in congratulating Ben on his decision to join the Red Rabbit Racing Enterprise! Why don’t you send Ben a congratulatory e-mail at his address which is

Regards, Rick

Rick Johnson

Arlington Heights, Illinois