Red Rabbit Racing

I was already counting the money.   Dancing Rabbit roiled the Chicago Federal Reserve when he moved his wagering FUNDS IN PLACE.  Money Rabbit kept licking her lips - keeping them Glossy for the upcoming Winner's Circle Picture.  Clocker Rabbit was ignored - as usual.

We were entered at Tampa Bay Downs in a 5 furlong sprint on the Turf this November 26, 2022.  We had just set the TRACK RECORD at the same distance a month ago at Gulfstream.  The Morning Line Oddsmaker had us at 7/5.  At Post Time, we were ODDS ON at 4/5!  How could we lose?  Well, damnitt, our Novgorod had


Well this is Horse Racing.  Anything can happen and it sure did on this day.  Rabbit Attendance was high with 17 in our group, including a 90 year old former Gulfstream Jockey who is a friend of Money Rabbit.   Mother Thrun was there too.  I had flown down for a weekend of racing as Princess Kathy Racing's Talkin' Tipsy had raced on the day before.    Excitement was high.

Our first source of concern was Novgorod was the last horse to enter the paddock.  He looked unsettled and the Groom had his hands full just hanging on to him.   As you can see from the picture upper left, he was already sweating profusely - not unlike our Uncle Clarence on his Wedding Night.  Jimmy got him saddled and we went over to greet new jock Pablo Morales who took the call on our steed.   We were in Princess Kathy Colors this time and we looked splendid!

However, when Novgorod went out for the Post Parade he was agitated, trotting sideways up the track to the gate.  And even though he walked into the gate beautifully, the gate guy was having trouble keeping him calm.  Novgorod wanted out of that Gate- pronto.

He broke well and made the lead but was rank during the whole backstretch.  Pablo didn't want to give up the lead and used a little more of Novgorod that we would have liked.

At the head of the stretch we were still in front, but Pablo was already riding him hard.  And as we flattened out, other horses soon stormed by us.  We finished 4th, only a length and a half off the lead - but this was not the result we were hoping for.

 After the race Pablo said he was just very agitated and anxious - rank during the first 3 furlongs - meaning he couldn't get him to relax.  He came through fine and we just chalk this off to a bad race.  We are still very high on this horse!


Stay Tuned as We Have BIG Plans for December!