Red Rabbit Racing

Even though our last race was not the success we hoped, the only thing that was in the Condition Book was a huge step up for our Novgorod.  So we entered into


Held at Gulfstream Park, this race was 5 furlongs on the turf as the feature of the day.  Date was March 18, 2023.  We knew this was a big step up - but why not try it?

The betting crowd obviously didn't think anything of us as we went off at a whopping 84-1!   Luca was aboard, Red Rabbit Racing Colors were flying and our boy actually did well against such stiff competition.

He ran a respectable 5th against this bunch of 9.  Recapping the race, we had drawn the rail, and again our boy grew very impatient waiting for all the other mules to get loaded into the gate.

He even reared up in the gate, which I am sure was unsettling to Luca.  In fact when the gate opened, it looks like Luca was not set as he appeared to be sitting way back in the saddle and left the gate a stride or 2 behind the leaders.   Unfortunate and a killer in a short sprint.

However he ran gamely and finished solidly in 5th about 4 lengths off the leader.   Though we were not ready to beat this bunch - he showed he belonged with this bunch.  We were proud of that.

Money Rabbit & Clocker Rabbit were the only Rabbits onsite.  All others watched on TV.