Red Rabbit Racing

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On February 7, 2004 the


thoroughbred racing partnership was formed. This is a family partnership with initial investors being Richard John Johnson (Pop), Peggy Johnson Lenz (Aunt), Jeff Johnson (Cousin), Jean Johnson Gallo (Sister) and Rick Johnson.

The idea came from Peggy who had long dreamed of having a race horse that eventually became the dream of the other partners.

Our Goal Is To Have Fun As A Family And Take As Long As Possible Before All Our Damn Money Is Gone.

The name Red Rabbit Racing was selected by the partners at our 1st meeting.  It comes from the nickname of the late Russell "Red Rabbit" Johnson who was father to Peggy & Pop, as well as Grandfather to Jean, Jeff & Rick.

We engaged famed race horse trainer Chris Block as our trainer and under his direction set out to claim a horse. We planned on racing year round in Illinois - primarily at Arlington Park and then at Hawthorne Race Track when Arlington is dark.

Picture upper right is of all the partners along with trainer Chris Block taken the day we created this venture.

Our Racing Silks were designed by the ownership team and feature a red, white & blue color scheme.

The left sleeve features a tribute to Pop who sadly passed away in 2004 before we were able to run our 1st race.  He is Dad to Jean and Rick, but affectionately called 'Sam'  by many others.


The right sleeve features the Rolling Stones "Tumblin' Dice"  that we are surely rolling with this adventure.


Shown below is the crest of our Red Rabbit Racing Stable. The crest features an American flag, the names of each horses that will make up our stable, the red & blue diamonds of our racing silks, and 'Love Of Family' spelled out in Latin with the first name initials of each of the original partners.



And finally in the words of that famed race calling legend Phil Georgeff....